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Fine Fragrance Ateliers

Exclusive spaces for co-creation and inspiration

We celebrate perfumery culture in all its glory - fostering creativity and awakening inspiration. We have created three groundbreaking Fine Fragrance Ateliers, each in a key strategic location, to provide an exclusive, elevated experience for our customers and our teams. We also drive innovation at three dedicated Fine Fragrance Creation Centers in the world's capitals. 

Fine Fragrance Atelier, Shanghai

Fine Fragrance Ateliers

In three exceptional locations around the world, our ateliers offer Fine Fragrance customers remarkable spaces for collaboration, co-creation and innovation.

Fine Fragrance Atelier, Villa Harmony
Fine Fragrance Atelier, Grasse
Fine Fragrance Atelier, Sao Paulo
Fine Fragrance Atelier, Shanghai

Fine Fragrance Creation Centers

Dedicated creation centers for Fine Fragrance solutions in the world’s most iconic capital cities.

Creation Center

New York

Our New York City office is located in the heart of Manhattan on Madison Avenue, close to many of our top customers and with easy access to the most important fragrance retailers in New York.  The team is dedicated to the needs of a wide variety of brands, both American based and global. We regularly organize special events to inspire our customers, including our renowned “Mind Nose + Matter”, which showcases the latest trends across all media and their impact on the fine fragrance world. 

Fine Fragrance Creation Center, NY

Creation Center


Our Creative Center in Paris is the heart of our global fine fragrance business.  Opened in 2007, it  includes a state of the art facility for our large, cross-métier team, with talents from many different nationalities.  Our Sensorium features olfactory installations that inspire and stimulate the creativity of our customers and teams by offering new sensorial experiences to explore the world of fragrance and anticipate its future. Our laboratories are industry-leading in their use of automation and robotics. 

Fine Fragrance Creative Center, Paris

Creation Center


Opened in 2010, our Dubai Fine Fragrance Creation Center was created to provide specific needs in the Middle East regional market and support our global customers as they move into it.  Our experienced team covers Creation, Development, Marketing, Sales, Consumer Insights and Technical Development.


We also have dedicated Fine Fragrance teams in our Creative Development Centers in Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Bogota, Singapore, Mumbai, Milan and Barcelona.

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