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Data & Automation

Transforming the future


Digitalization has changed habits along our entire value chain. Conscious consumers demand personalized products and transparency. Customers move at new speeds and require fluid services. Sales & Marketing teams analyze digitally enabled consumer insights and e-commerce results. Operations & Enablers ensure predictive automation optimizes production. Creation is improved through AI and machine learning. R&D uses digital technologies to drive further discovery. Suppliers provide fluid services to ensure transparency. Finally, our workforce guarantees capability-driven teams, motivated by purpose.


Our business is transforming from push to pull. Today, we go and visit customers; tomorrow, customers will come to us virtually to develop their products by through collaboration and co-creation. We have testing this approach during the COVID-19 pandemic and we are becoming more agile and adaptive, embracing the future ahead.


A unique warehouse 

Big data, fragrance style


For over 50 years, we have been collecting data – scientific research, consumer insights, production and sales. Ten years ago, we became systematic and methodical in our approach, which enabled us to launch the industry’s first mobile creation tool, Geranium. Today, working through our Information Services and d-lab teams, we have an ecosystem of more than twelve digital applications – all enabling a revolution across intelligence, creation, development, production and sustainability.

Value Chain

Efficiency & Precision

From barcodes to robots


Two years ago, we began our Lab 4.0 journey – to accelerate our operations from factory to fragrance labs and  increase capacity and facilitate production. Today, our compounding and application laboratories are operating as mini-factories. They are implementing automation, robotics, digital tools and lean management, and we are monitoring service rate, punctuality rate, automation ratio, lead and cycle time.


Three of our facilities now use an exclusive, proprietary robotic solution for sample production, which has increased their production capabilities to 800 EDTs/day, with one EDT sample delivered every 28 seconds.


In January 2020, we inaugurated our flagship Perfumery Center at our Geneva headquarters. This high-tech facility boasts a fully automated sampling lab and storage warehouse which has increased productivity by 25%. It also utilises autonomous robots to deliver samples.


Alberto and Robot
Colibri Contexa
Autolab Paris