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Human Insights

Reaching the Nutrition-Conscious Consumer


With digestive wellness and immune system support remaining key consumer health concerns, the role of vitamins, minerals, nutritional fibers and botanical extracts in food and drinks can provide the added benefit to set your product apart and appeal to today’s nutrition-conscious consumer.


Human Insights

Trending Insights


of consumers identify improving immunity and 40% identify improving digestion and gut health as the top benefits sought from food & beverage products globally.1



of consumers are paying attention to nutritional information.2



of consumers want to live a healthier lifestyle and consume more nutritious food.2


1Firmenich Vitamins & minerals proprietary survey, Dec. 2021, N = 1’900+, covering 12 markets;
2Firmenich COVID-19 consumer behavior survey COVERING 6,000 consumers in 22 markets. April 2020.

NutriGEM® – Innovative Nutrition by Firmenich

Accelerate the development of your next nutritious food or beverage with our ready-to-use solutions optimized for your needs:

NutriGEM Vitamins & Minerals

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Our Integrated Solutions Approach


Firmenich integrated solution approach ensures the consumers most sought for nutrients are delivered at requested levels in their preferred food and beverages and paired with the best taste elements for a delightful consumer experience.



    Vitamins, minerals, nutritional fibers or botanical extracts with active compounds are at the heart of our integrated solutions and enable you to delight consumers with superior taste while delivering nutritional benefits.

    Our integrated solutions can feature bespoke flavor enhancement to delight consumers with superior taste while delivering nutritional benefits.

    Great flavor sometimes comes from removing what the consumer doesn’t want to taste. Our patented technologies issued from industry-leading receptor-based research will minimize inherent bitter, astringent, rancid or metallic off-notes typical from vitamins, minerals or botanical extracts, as well as unpleasant after tastes through precise flavor masking.

    Delivered through gentle powder blends or patented encapsulation technologies, our integrated solutions guarantee the highest nutrients protection over storage, processing and finished product shelf life ensuring consistent delivery of functional and/or active ingredients.

    Create Healthier Products

    Improving the nutrition doesn't always require adding a functional benefit. What you remove can be just as impactful. Whether reducing up to 100% of sugar, enhancing umami without increasing sodium, or putting plant-based proteins at the center of the plate, our end-to-end expertise will enable you to create your next great tasting, better for you product:

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