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Chef Collaboration

Culinary Anthropology

We are culinary adventurers whose ideas spring from the table, come to life in the kitchen, and land in people’s hearts. 


Our passion for the art of food is grounded in our scientific expertise. When combined with our deep Human Insights understanding, we can help you solve the tensions faced by consumers to expand and create new markets for you.

Culinary Anthropology

When to Use Culinary Anthropology


Create winning concepts to succeed in new or existing target markets.


Solve product development challenges while delivering on specs and labeling goals

Address Tensions

Unlock the consumer understanding necessary to take your concept to reality

How Our Unique Process Delivers Your Needs


The Culinary Anthropology experience allows you to directly collaborate with forward-thinking chefs to accelerate innovation through creative ideation and rapid-prototyping in four proven effective steps.

    We start by aligning your needs and wants to correctly frame the challenge and clarify the opportunity we will fulfill together. 

    Culinary Anthropology Opportunity

    Next, we take the clear direction and focus determined in step one and leverage multiple proprietary techniques to determine a winning idea for a product concept. 

    Culinary Anthropology Ideation
    Culinary Anthropology Rapid Prototyping
    Culinary Anthropology Delivery
    Sandy Cook
    I love trying new things for our customers. They come to us to find the culinary imprint that we can put on their next product. Whatever it is, wherever the flavor needs to come from, we strive to deliver great, culinary-inspired flavors every time.

    Sandy Cook

    Chef Designer

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