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Fragrance Design

The future of fragrance creation


Fragrance design is the heart of our metier. We harness ingredients, tools and techniques to drive speed, personalization and performance. We are reinventing emotional experiences for our customers and  for consumers through innovation, digitalization, sustainability and renewability.


Augmented Creation, Prediction, Exploration

Augmented Creation

Augmented Creation

Creative and analytic

We are spearheading a new approach to creativity, based on fusing human creativity with digital technology. We are using scientific, consumer, olfactive, market and sustainability data to build new intelligence for perfumers, fragrance development managers, technicians and laboratory teams. By empowering human capacity with automated optimization tools, we can amplify human and fragrance performance. We are enabling bespoke and customized sensorial experiences faster than ever before.



Predictive and proactive

By applying our data intelligence to fragrance creation, we can predict stability, performance, and even consumer preferences. Through integrated visualization and analysis, our perfumery teams can predict results and refine more effectively before presentation. By learning from the past, we are developing new ideas for the future.



Intelligence and speed

We are re-imagining the connections and applications of our scientific, consumer, olfactive, market and sustainability data in order to drive new ways of doing business. By creating a richer context for fragrance design, we are upgrading creative development and evolving new solutions for personalization, customization, delivery and production. We are creating more innovative products, exploring new whitespaces and delivering unexpected fragrances that today’s conscious consumers love.

Receptor Biology

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