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Collaboration and convergence

Creating a fine fragrance requires a subtle balance of creativity, expertise and teamwork. Each new creative brief is unique. We deploy a multi-disciplinary team committed to developing a tailor-made solution for each brand and customer. Our perfumers and talented developers are supported by marketing, consumer insight and technical specialists. Projects are driven by our account managers, acting as the voice of the customer and ensuring that their expectations are met and surpassed. Quality, regulatory and safety experts ensure top levels of compliance. Ultimately every person makes a unique contribution to the team who help to create it.

I personally appreciate the ability to work as a team. I learn so much from others every day.

Amandine Clerc Marie

Senior Perfumer


Translating scent into emotion

Fine Fragrance creation begins with our perfumers, who are tutored to translating scent into works of art for our customers and for consumers. Through passion, creativity and years of training, our perfumers develop the ability to craft extraordinary fragrances from our renowned palette of ingredients,  whether naturals, biotech or safe  molecules. Each perfumer is dedicated to translating emotions into scents. Inspired by different cultures the use only the finest quality ingredients to create sophisticated and diverse fragrances.



Fragrance Development Management

Olfactive vision and execution

Our Fragrance Development Managers (FDM) work closely with our perfumers – to inspire them, provoke new ideas, anticipate market trends and serve as their olfactive memory. This close collaboration with perfumers ensures the delivery of winning perfume solutions for their customers, fostering mutual growth.



Our development team answers customers’ briefs and supports our sales team by developing an olfactive vision for brands and categories at the local and global level. This team identifies olfactive trends and needs for categories (through marketing insights) and turns them into concrete fragrance solutions, while also developing (through consumer panels) new ways to execute fragrances across categories. They ensure that trends are followed but not copied and adhere to a rigorous process to ensure the true originality of our submissions. 


Made-to-measure differentiation

To answer clients’ specific needs, our Marketing experts work on a small agency model. As observers of cultures, trends and surroundings they analyze consumer behavior, spot prominent signals and generally keep a finger on the cultural pulse. Supported by our graphic design studio, Firmenich marketers are dedicated to answering customer needs. Our agile structure enables us to work hand-in-hand with our customers at every step of development and bring made-to-measure differentiation through strategy and recommendations. They draw on our capabilities in market intelligence, olfactive expertise and proactive vision to excel for our customers.


Consumer Insights

Deep knowledge to drive success

As we all become more digital-centric in our personal professional lives, Firmenich is harnessing the power of social media through our Social Media Intelligence unit. By converting information shared online into insights, we can develop fragrances aligned with consumers' aspirations, trends and desires. We can understand deeper perceptions of current fragrances and brands, in real-time.


Informed creation infuses consumer feedback into fragrance creation, to delight consumers.

Consumer Insights


Our Consumer Insights team supports our creative teams by delivering insights at every stage of the development process. We integrate various methodologies and indicators to capture the nuances of fragrance. Our exclusive Harmony tool predicts preference through intelligent targeting, powered by olfactive segmentation. We can accurately match a brand’s DNA to consumer and olfactive clusters, to ensure brands offer the right fragrance to any target demographic. 


In a fragmented, saturated market we are reinforcing our focus on emotion. Our EmotiOn program focuses on how fragrance can support emotional benefits through specific accords and ingredients. We are guiding creation to delight consumers with emotionally supportive fragrances.

Technical Perfumery

Fragrance matching and reformulation

Our Technical Perfumers use their expertise – spanning analytical chemistry, laboratory and quality control, and technical support – to actively manage the changing technical requirements of our fragrances. They problem-solve as one dedicated team. 

Technical Perfumery

Innovation and Technical Development

Transformative technologies

Our Innovation and Technical Development teams are dedicated to ensuring we deliver the best performing fragrances on the market – matching and exceeding consumer expectations through transformative technologies and innovative solutions.



Hands-on partnership

Our world-class Account teams share their deep understanding of strategy and process, to help our to customers achieve their objectives. They collaborate closely with customers throughout the entire product development cycle.


Can our expertise help you create a new Fine Fragrance?

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