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Sustainability in perfumery and flavors industry : ambitious strategies and commitments

Accelerating our sustainability efforts

Striving for positive change

For decades, we have been creating a positive impact for people, nature, & climate. Through the latest taste solutions and investments in renewable energy, we strive for positive change.

Business strategy


Conscious Perfumery

At Firmenich we continue to push forward our vision for Conscious Perfumery addressing positive impacts for all stakeholders throughout our value chain. 

Diet Transformation

Firmenich is committed to accelerating the global Diet Transformation by providing sustainable and responsible solutions to create healthier, great-tasting food and beverages.

Renewable Ingredients

We are accelerating our innovation to radically increase Renewable Ingredients and convert our palette to renewable carbon, by applying green chemistry principles and developing biotechnology.

United Nations Global Compact

Our international sustainability partnerships stretch back to 1991, when we became the first company in our sector to sign the Sustainability Charter of the International Chamber of Commerce. Since 2008, we have been a signatory of the UN Global Compact and CEO Mandate; recognized as one of the Global Compact LEAD companies; and joined the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Taskforce in 2019. As an UNGC Labour and Decent Work Impact sponsor, we seek to contribute to the development of a consensus within the business community on the key principles of decent work, such as the definition of a "living wage". We aim to ensure a living wage for all our employees by employees by 2025 and to expand its implementation in our supply chain.

Discover our Milestones with the UN Global Compact

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