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Harnessing nature responsibly; enhancing its riches innovatively

We combine the ‘savoir faire’ of farming communities, the expertise of responsible sourcing specialists, the innovative skills of our scientists and the artistry of our perfumers and flavorists – inspiring customers everywhere.


Our Naturals palette is a truly collaborative achievement, attained by using traditional and cutting-edge natural extraction techniques, biotechnology, 100% renewable carbon sources and advanced data science.


From field to fragrance or flavor, we make a natural, positive impact.


Naturals Together™

Growing wiser, Growing deeper







Mandatory Code of Ethics and Responsible Sourcing Policy for all our suppliers

Jasmine Concrete



A portfolio of responsibly sourced ingredients with 3 collections



Involvement at source to support People & Nature  including Advanced Digital traceability



Privileged  links with some of the best producers to assess progress & challenges in naturals supply chain








Innovative ingredients from advanced and clean extraction technologies.

Opening new creative territories, Firgood™ is among the most advanced and sustainable extraction technologies, true revolutions for the natural ingredients industry.

Sourcing Naturals ethically

We source hundreds of wonderful Naturals – from rose and vanilla to frankincense and pink pepper.


We follow our own Responsible Sourcing Policy and work with independent partners to make and measure a positive difference.


To ensure our ingredients' quality and sustainability, we work closely with our suppliers. Our unique NaturalsTogether™ initiative ensures we source ethically, providing a fair deal for growers and greater traceability and transparency for customers and consumers.


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Leading in Naturals


A continuing story of innovation, inspiration and acquisitions to build on our experience and deepen our expertise as industry leaders.



Focusing our expertise for the best natural experience


Our experience in Naturals reaches back more than 100 years. We extend it through our global production network and at our unique Naturals Center of Expertise in Grasse.


Since 2007, experts in many aspects of Naturals, from sourcing to bioscience, have been working together at the Center, to support traditional ‘Pays’ cultivation, innovate at laboratory scale, develop at pilot scale and produce at industrial scale.


Nature for all


Deepening our local expertise globally at 10 manufacturing sites


Reviving local cultivation by improving traditional farming and implementing high-tech extraction methods


Innovating, developing and delivering natural and renewable solutions

Developing your natural portfolio? We can help you out.

Naturals worldwide


Discover our thriving Naturals network 

Xavier Brochet
“Innovation in Naturals combines responsible sourcing, extraction technology and our leadership in biotechnology and green chemistry.”

Xavier Brochet


We spark cross-fertilization to deliver natural, responsible and renewable ingredients.


Natural ingredients and extraction techniques


We use natural materials innovatively and responsibly, combining traditional and advanced extraction methods. These advanced methods include processes to obtain 100% natural ingredients, such as Supercritical Fluid Extraction, molecular distillation and hybrid technologies including co-extraction, headspace analysis and natural reconstitution.   

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Our Portfolio

Natural ingredients and biotechnology


We have been exploring biotechnology’s potential for a long time and are now industry leaders in a fast-moving revolution.

Producing 100% natural ingredients through fermentation ensures reliability of supply and the consistency of products, both important attributes for customers and consumers.

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Natural molecules


We obtain natural molecules from natural feedstocks by using biotechnology, including enzymatic reaction, fermentation and bio or natural transformation.  We also isolate them from natural raw materials in which they occur in high concentrations.


We have been producing natural molecules for more than 30 years now, constantly improving the processes we use to enrich our Naturals palette and inspire new generations of perfumers and flavorists.

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nat molecules