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Human Insights

Markets & Knowledge

Connectors of invaluable information.Best-in-class syndicated sources of market knowledge. Home to Firmenich's proprietary Flavor Knowledge Portal.

Markets & Knowledge

Transforming the Pulse of the Market into a Comprehensive Snapshot.

Our Markets & Knowledge team brings you insights that capture:

Product Launch Activity

Stay in tune with current trends, popular claims and the flavors consumers desire across products arriving on shelves.

Market Share

Discover emerging markets, new category opportunities and unfulfilled gaps where your new products can stand out.

Digital Consumers

Break out of the traditional retail store focus and expand your channels with social media and online shopping behavior insights.


Flavor Knowledge Portal

The Firmenich Flavor Knowledge Portal is an interactive forum that collects, structures, and combines our proprietary flavor intelligence with external sources of information. It can deliver synthesized and strategic knowledge on flavor opportunities for any selected category, region, target or group.


The Flavor Knowledge Portal contains information on more than two million market products across 80 countries.


With this expanse of knowledge, we can help you anticipate consumer and market trends based on facts, in order to accelerate new product development and optimize cost.

Flavor Knowledge Portal


Social Media Intelligence

What are consumers expressing through their social media conversation? Firmenich Social Media Intelligence is a complementary, must have method we bring you to capture, analyze and leverage insights from the rich and unbiased source of social media channels. Through these insights, you will glean a deeper consumer understanding, find gaps to fill between the consumer’s expectation and the market, and ultimately better inform new product development strategy and concepts.

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